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Thread: Home button wont press

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    Default Home button wont press
    My iPhone 3g home button wasn't responding. So I ordered a new flex cable and went to replacing it. I seperated the glass and put the new cable in. Now the home button won't press. I'm at a loss. The home button seems like its in a stuck position, it doesn't move at all. I know the cable is on it the exact same as the original. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    There is a contact under the button, if its not sitting centered or missing, the button wont press.

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    Default thanks
    You mean something separate from the black button and the cable? I have the black button centered on the cable silver button. When I press the glass back together, the home button wont move at all. Almost like its pressed in place. When I look from the bottom, it looks like the black button and the silver button on the cable are not touching. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for the fast reply above, this really has me lost.

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    Try rotating the button 180. One side has a flat spot. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randerson79 View Post
    Try rotating the button 180. One side has a flat spot. Just a thought.
    When he is not able to even press the button than I don't think so that he can rotate it at 180. But I think you have to check all of the fitting related to it or it may be your wired or chip problem.

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    maybe there is something blocking the silver type contacts under, try to clean it with a cleaning solution or a thinner will do.

    Also check the 2 contacts of the home button to the dock, maybe not touching it well.


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    Got it to work. It seemed pressed together between the glass and the plastic. I cleaned the old adhesive and put new 3m adhesive on it. Its working now. Thanks for all the advice guys!

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