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Thread: iPhone 3g touch screen..

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    Default iPhone 3g touch screen..
    So, everything seems to be responsive on my touch screen, but when it comes to texting, it seems like the keys stick, or lag all the time. Does anyone know if this is a software or hardware related issue? Also, sometimes when i get a text message too, and i have to "slide to view" the whole touch screen is unresponsive.

    If it's a software issue, would a restore fix the issue? I'd like to know as it seems to mess up my texting alot. I mean, maybe I could be pressing the wrong keys all the time but i'm pretty certain i'm not.

    Oh, and if it matters, i'm on 3.1.2, jailbroken with blackra1n.

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    Sounds software. Restore.

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    I've been hesitant to restore since I'm not too sure of the process of preserving the baseband. Basically use the newest version of sn0wbreeze right? Then look in Cydia for Blacksn0w RC2?

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    You can shift-restore to 3.1.2

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    I can still do that on iPhone 3g? I thought Apple stopped signing firmware restores to 3.1.2 once they released 3.1.3?

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