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Thread: Proximity sensor not working

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    Default Proximity sensor not working
    Hi everyone, my proximity sensor stopped working after I replaced my glass and digitizer after I dropped my phone.Everything else seems to be working like normal. Is there any cable I can check or anything I need to do to fix this? It drives me crazy when I take a call because I either open up apps or delete apps or I mute calls with my cheeck.

    Thanks a lot everyone.

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    Try reseating Connector 3 on the Motherboard.
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    having the same problem as the OP. I've tried reseating #3 cable, checked to make sure the sensor is not blocked by adhesive, swapped a known working #3 flex cable - all with no results. The #3 connector looks to be ok - nothing visibly broken. Any suggestions?

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    I am having the same exact issue. After breaking my front glass I swapped everything over to white. Proximity sensor is not working. Pissing me off. Is there anyway that the sensor could have been damaged when the glass broke, because it broke in that area pretty bad.

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    Little update. Just installed brand new proximity sensor that was preinstalled on a complete pre-assembled front faceplate (glass, digitizer, earpiece, home button, etc). The #3 cable is slid all the way into the connector and the tab is flipped down.

    Proximity sensor is still not working. This is the fourth proximity sensor that I have tried and none have worked.

    Any suggestions? Could the solder joints for the #3 connector be broken? Help me please. Will sending it off to get the #3 connector replaced fix it? Please help. It's very frustrating to hit the mute or end call button with your cheek. The ear speaker works fine, just no proximity.

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    i have read that you may have to scrape the paint back on some glass fronts to let the light through to the sensor, again just regurgitating what i read, haven't had this issue myself..

    on a side note if anyone in Ontario Canada has the #3 ribbon i would buy it as i got hosed by a shady seller and now my wifes christmass present is non functioning (no sound in ear piece)..
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    I swapped my front panel onto another 3GS and it worked fine, so I'm thinking that it is either the logic board or software related (JB 4.1 3GS). Is there anything I can test/try myself without sending it off somewhere?

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