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Thread: Water Damage but still works

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    Default Water Damage but still works
    My iPhone got some water in it but the funny thing is, it turns on and the touch screen is still super responsive. I had let it dry in a bag of rice for 24 hours (it is supposed to dry out the phone faster) and it seems it's pretty much dried because the screen stopped flickering violently (as it was yesterday).

    There is still a tiny problem, the water got under the screen and now I can see the water and when I press on the screen the water moves. There is splotchy discoloration (lighter and darker shades all over the screen that kind of looks like paper that got wet in splotchy areas). So my question is, will I have to replace my screen even though it is still responsive in every way (slide to unlock, dialer, etc...)? Is the discoloration going to go away when the water dries out?

    I put my phone in silica gel and now I'm going to let it dry for an entire week (as some other people said they've done). I just hope I don't have to replace the screen, but does it sound like I have to? If I do, how much would it cost for both a new screen and someone to replace it for me?

    Sorry for writing this huge novel...thanks in advance guys.

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    Sorry to tell you but your LCD is pretty much toast. As for the Glass with the digitizer you should be OK. To get a replacement LCD it will cost in the ball park of $25 to $40 on flea bay. But if you want someone else to fix it for you your probably looking at $100 or more. They use the same parts on flea bay. I know because I do allot of repairs on iPhones and all other Apple products. But I don't charge a arm and a leg for repairs. I just charge for cost and time spent. So I really only make about 15$ over the cost. But anyway if you feel like doing it, it is really easy. Look on youtube. There's tons of instructions on how to repair you LCD. Good luck.

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