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Thread: iPhone charging and battery issue

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    Default iPhone charging and battery issue
    I have an iPhone 3G that has had mild water damage. It was not submersed, it was just dropped in a shallow puddle and some water got in through the dock connector area.

    First symptoms when I got it was the red battery with a plug and lightning bolt screen.

    I disassembled the phone and there was corrosion on the ribbon cable connector for the dock connector/mic. It did not look like water had made it much past the dock connector. I cleaned it with some alcohol and reassembled the phone. I still had the same issue.

    After leaving the phone plugged in for a couple of days, I came back and hit the power button. The phone boots up and works. Stuck my SIM card in and had service. However, after a minute or two it shut down, and upon trying to turn it back on, it was back to the red battery screen. While the phone was on, it did not indicate that it was charging. The computer also did not recognize it.

    I want to say it's the battery that's fried at the very least. It can't really hold or take a charge, and what little it can do it does very slowly. It HAS to be charging to some degree when it's off, being that it will boot up if left plugged into the computer for awhile.

    I'm really considering just ordering a replacement battery kit for $20 and trying it out, but a couple of things worry me that there might be more things wrong.

    -When the phone did turn on, it didn't indicate that it was charging.

    -When turned on and plugged into the computer, it was not recognized by the computer.

    Are these two things just symptoms of a bad battery? When I turn the phone on it says "battery is below 10%".
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    According to me your iphone needs a proper services as the problem is not with the battery as you said it is not even detected by the computer so may me some other software problem is there,so i suggest you to go to a goo iphone repairs company and get it repaired soon.


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