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Thread: Black screen of death?

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    Default Black screen of death?
    When I went to bed last night my phone worked fine. Plugged it in to charge it and went to sleep. This morning the phone is completely non responsive. It it stuck in some sort of sleep state? The battery may have died completely before I plugged it in. Is there anything I can do to get it out of this state?

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    Hold both the power and home button down for 15 seconds.

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    black screen of death? lol people these days

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    EDITED because I am not going to get in to it on a forum. Anyways yes I have tried that combo with no luck.

    For those who don't know the black screen of death is a subtle joke.

    Thanks in advance to those who help or to cpjr who has offered his input.
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    DFU Mode restore? Does the computer recognize it?
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    The computer does not recognize it at all.

    When I hold down the home and power button for 15 seconds the screen does to something, it kind of flashes from a lighter black to a darker black then back again.

    a bit of good news the phone has come back to life. I did nothing to it I just had it plugged in and it booted up. It has been plugged in for about 12 hours now so I think maybe something is messed up with inside it that has to do with charging the battery (maybe a bad connection that was righted)
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