Every so often, my phone auto wakes to lockscreen when I pull it out of my pocket. I have payed close attention to wether or not i actidentally pushed a button. Sometimes it even works several times in a row. I have even put in in my pocket, looked inside to make sure that the screen was off and then pulled it out to find the screen on. I have searched teh forum and the internets and have not found anything about this functionality. I'm pretty sure that it's one of the sensors, but it could also be the accelerometer. It doesnt work often enough for me to adaquately test which one it is. I was just wondering if i was the only one that this happened to or if this is a known occurance in the community. It is a function that i like and would prefer to happe on a regular basis. It has been doing this since 3.0 (when i got it) and i don't know if the person who had it before me noticed this happening.