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Thread: Stuck on Apple logo and will not recover

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    Exclamation Stuck on Apple logo and will not recover
    Hello everyone.

    iPhone 3G 8GB - 3.1.2 - Jail broken w/ blackra1n

    I was uninstalling an app from the "Rock" app, because I kept getting springboard crashes. (The app is called iBlacklist). After a reboot, it would not let me use the phone out of safe mode unless I disabled rock extensions. There was a button prompting me to either restart the phone, or to disable the extensions, so I went ahead and disabled them. The phone started working after that, but I kept getting the error message.

    The error box was above the buttons, saying how there was a problem with iblacklist.dylib - Seeing how I had uninstalled the program, I did not really understand why the .dylib was still there. Since the phone was now working after I disabled rock extensions, I went ahead and SSH'd into my phone and removed iblacklist.dylib, thinking it would fix i t, and rebooted. After the reboot, I am now stuck with the Apple logo boot screen.

    What I have tried:
    First off, I want to inform you that my power/sleep button is BROKEN, and will not register at all. This is because I had dropped my phone, and the ribbon ripped a little. My only option to turn off the phone when it is bricked, is to take the phone apart and disconnect the battery, which I have done many times. To power it back up, I simply plug in the USB cable.

    I have read that most people try to put it into recovery mode or DFU mode and let iTunes do the rest. Two problems come into play when I try these methods.

    First, DFU mode is not an option, because the power/sleep button is broken.

    (A few months ago, I was actually going to buy a new sleep/wake switch cable. It's basically a ribbon cable with brand new buttons attached, and you simply unplug your old one, and plug in the new one. I figured it would allow me to avoid problems like this, but I never ended up buying it)

    Second, I have tried the recovery method a bunch of times already. Make sure the phone is off, plug USB into computer, HOLD the "home" button, and plug USB into phone until you see the cable and arrow pointing to the iTunes logo. I get to the point where the arrow is pointing to the iTunes logo, but my computer seems to no longer recognize my iPhone.. So basically, the recovery method is not working for me either.

    (I have tried using different iPhone USB cables, USB ports, and different computers)

    (I have also tried restarting the ipod services, reinstalling iTunes, and a few other things)

    I have read that some people can SSH into their phones and edit a few files to fix this problem. I do have OpenSSH installed, but at the moment, it is toggled off (SB Settings).. I have checked my routers WiFi connections, and I DO see my iPhone listed on there. I've tried connecting to it multiple times with the correct username and password, but it just gives me a, "connection timeout" error.

    I am really hoping you guys have some options for me!

    I may be getting the new Motorola Backflip tomorrow, since I've been getting sick of my iPhone lately. I really miss having a keyboard on my phone! But anyways, my point is that I will not be doomed if my iPhone is screwed. I would love to fix my iPhone and not have to resort to other methods! If worst comes to worst, and I am not able to get a new phone, I will try buying a new sleep/wake cable and hope that DFU mode works. Since my computers do not detect the phone, I'm not even sure if DFU mode will work at this point.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has taken the time to read this, and helped me with this issue.
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    I ended up buying a new Motorola Backflip at the AT&T store. I was eligible for an upgrade and all that, so the phone was free after the rebate..

    Anyways, I'm hoping that someone from this community can help solve my problem. I've had no luck repairing my phone. It may be pointless to try to repair it since I have a new phone, but I would like to gift it or sell it later on.

    Thanks again.

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