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Thread: Iphone 3g battery question Phone wont boot Red Battery icon

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    Exclamation Iphone 3g LOL Should i b happy or not?
    iPhone 3g 8gig in Black. This phone goes to dead battery screen and does not boot up. does it mean that i just need a new battery? or is there something more to it? i just bought this on ebay. and he said i have 24 hrs to think about it or he will relist it on ebay.
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    U just need to charge it for a bit

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    he tried to plug it in and charge it for a while and only red battery indicator

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    new batt will solve prob its the chip in the battery it takes longer
    to accept initial charge. Jus leave it on charge over night then force reset it will go again
    mine kept gettin more frequent like once a month now i put new battery in its been fine

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    if you've been leaving it on the charger for about 20-30 minutes and still get the charging red battery icon? do this.

    have it hooked up to the PC/mac, and do a hard reset while its charging.

    8 times out of 10 it will boot to the apple logo.

    how do i know? my phone has died completely several times to this point, and i've had to fully charge.

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    Or it could have something like water damage and the board could be fried. There are alot of reasons why it wouldnt/couldnt charge. Or the battery yes....or the dock assembly flex cable....or....or....

    I wouldnt mess with it.

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    lol uh oh i just purchased it! for 200 =/ i guess i will have to see what happens sigh i never knew that if the board is fried it would just show an red battery indicator 0.0 DAMN >.< i guess when i get it i would have to try n sync it with my computer to check if its the dock IM HOPING ITS Either the battery or the DOck 0.0 which ever one is cheaper to repair at my cellphone store.
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