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Thread: iPhone 3G LCD replacement failed attempt and question

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    Question iPhone 3G LCD replacement failed attempt and question
    Hi there,

    I dropped my 16gb iPhone 3g and the LCD broke, but the glass and digitizer seemed fine. Phone restored in iTunes up until the activation step, because I had the SIM removed, so I think the phone is actually ok, except for the lcd, sound ok so far?

    So I had ordered a replacement LCD screen for it through amazon. Got everything apart *very* carefully, breaking nothing in the process. However, during reinstall of the LCD I inadvertantly broke the new LCD as well. I was not aware how fragile they really are, and had pressed down on it a little to seat it on the adhesive that holds it to the metal frame (DOH!). Here are my concerns though:

    1. When I closed the phone and powered up, not only was the screen broken with big black spots where I had pressed, but it had thin black lines moving all over a solid white background (all white except for where the thumb splotches were). Does this mean something else is wrong, or can this occur from a broken LCD?

    2. I forget the # of the connector, but this pertains to the bottom most connector with the little flip-up retainer (#3 perhaps?). I was not really able to do much more than slip the ribbon into the connector and then close down the locking tab again. What I mean is, I was not able to truly position the ribbon, contact bar by contact bar, in the connector. So I wonder if more than a simple "slide it in and lock the tab down" is required?

    I would like to try this repair again, but the moving black lines have me worried that something else is wrong with the phone. Again, it restored fine in iTunes, up to the part where it activates the phone, but I had the SIM out, so I assumed everything but the LCD was ok.

    TIA for any feedback and advice,


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    Nope....the LCD is broken indefinitely. Replace with a new LCD again but be very careful as they can break if mishandled.

    A new LCD will cure your ills

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