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Thread: iPhone 2G battery (sob story!)

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    Default iPhone 2G battery (sob story!)
    OK, here goes.

    At an attempt to disassemble my iPhone, to replace my iPhone's mic (which I gave up due to the complexity), I teared apart the battery's black cable from the logicboard. I decided I'd fix it later. I reassembled the phone again, and proceeded to solder the cable. But first, I looked at some YouTube videos about this, and found out that you have to disconnect all 3 cables, and start from the black one on. So I did, but, when I heated up the connection's soldering, I kinda pulled them off. Then, with all the cables off, I put more solder on the connections, and finished, but discovered that the phone would turn on.

    The next day, I looked at the soldering I did, and figured it did not work because I did not take the glue out first. So, with a tool, I started to scrape (!) off the previous soldering from the middle connection, which with came a little metal square piece (I did not notice this then). I removed the remaining glue, and then, with the iron, heated up the rest of the connections, and scraped all of the previous soldering off, until I was left with little plaques on the first and third connections, and nothing on the second. I then soldered the battery. Naturally, something went wrong. I did some research, and one website said that if I removed the connection (is that it?), I'd have screwed my phone completely.

    What do you guys think? Should I get a new motherboard all together, or is it repairable?

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    you lift the pad off, u should search for alternative connection for the white wire, as it sound it's not in your skill to do that.

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    thanks, but is it fixable?

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    yes it is but u should find someone that know what he is doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amitrx View Post
    yes it is but u should find someone that know what he is doing.

    oh good its fixable!

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    sounds like you need a new comm board...thats what the battery is attached to...i dont think there is any other way of fixing the little plate you pulled off..

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