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Thread: iPhone 3G Logic Board (mainboard) swap

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    Red face iPhone 3G Logic Board (mainboard) swap
    Hi fellow iphone users. About 2 weeks ago i took my iphone 3g apart to replace the battery. But before that i watched many tutorials on how to lift the screen from the phone to access its insides, They all looked easy. so it comes to it i put a suction sucker on the glass and i use little force to lift the screen but nothing happens. so that means my iphone was never opened before. I try again in "Hulk" mode and all i remember is seeing my iphone screen in one hand and the bottom part in the other. so i look closely at the board and i see the heavy duty #3 connector lifted up and the plastic is broken so i try to bend it back gently but that doesnt work because the copper is broken and crossing over to other wires so i had to completely remove the #3 connection because i was afraid the whole logic board will short circuit. now i found a online store that sells the iphone 3G 8gb logic board for a really good price and they are in the usa (sorry i dont want to post the link against rules i guess). but they are taking quite a while to ship because they are out of stock. my question is can anybody resolder that connection because im not good with solder especially that small. any info on how to fix this is highly appreciated because the board still works fine and i dont want to throw it away. Thank You and I learned my lesson to never change an iphone battery before eating dinner .

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    I couldnt you should just go to ebay and buy a new logic board and make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing

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    You could resolder it but if your not very good at it dont do it i would just sell it and make the money back for having to buy a new one.

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    Got a picture?

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