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Thread: 2g continuously restarting at Apple screen. HELP!

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    Default 2g continuously restarting at Apple screen. HELP!
    So my 2g iphone has randomly started compulsively restarting at the power up screen. The phone starts and shows the apple for about 20 seconds and then just randomly restarts. I can leave it on the charger and it will do this all night. I can get the phone to show the restore screen where it shows the connect to itunes logo...but when I plug it in it does not connect..but it does cause my itunes to bring up a window saying the software update server cannot be will do this over and over if I keep plugging it in.

    I have dissassembled the phone the disconnected and reconnected the battery as an attempt at fixing the problem. But this has done nothing.

    Is there some way that I can wipe my phone by disconnecting a a wire or piece of hardware within the phone? I can't connect with ssh either...I am at a loss.

    Please help!

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    Try putting it in dfu mode and restore

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    I have tried. The phone won't go into dfu mode. It causes my computer to bring up the window stating the update server cannot be connected again. Any hardware related solutions?

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    How u putting it 2 dfu? Usually holding home+power then just holding onto home when the screen goes black, but u can also try holding onto the home button only when it shows the apple logo while plugged into the pc

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    I have tried putting it into dfu mode this way too..but am still getting nothing good. It's basically going into dfu mode...but it's not registering as an iPhone and just causes my comp to give me the message stating the update server can't be contacted.

    Is there a way to wipe the phone via the physical hardware of the phone? I am at a loss at this point.

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    try to boot it without the FLEX CABLE connected.

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    Which one is the flex cable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amitrx View Post
    try to boot it without the FLEX CABLE connected.
    I dont think that would help at all

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    the one that connect the speaker microphone and the "USB"
    i dont know if it will help but it easy to try.

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