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Thread: Bizzare 3G ISSUE!!

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    Default Bizzare 3G ISSUE!!
    Hello All,

    The 3G 8gigger shows ringer on the screen,,so headphone jack i dont think is the problem,,I am still unable to hear through earpiece,unless using speakerphone,,blah blah,,have done the qtip/plugging/unplugging,etc nothing works,,but here is where it gets bizarre

    when i dial out the phone call,,im using the speakerphone icon at present,,due to the earpiece problem,,but what I can not figure out,,is ABOVE the dialer keypad,,im just talking with a friend,,all of a sudden a beep,,then another beep,,i remove the phone from my ear,,and the beeps corresponding number on the keypad,,or whatever sound is designated when you push a certain number on the pad,,Anyways I talked for about 45 seconds,,told buddy i would call him back later

    here is what dialer looked like

    3233832883,,so the beeps i heard while talking were being entered above the dialer

    Has Anyone heard of this?

    Please Help

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    Cable #3 inside the phone which is for the earpiece and proximity sensor is either loose or bad.

    1. Because your speaker is not working.

    2. The proximity sensor turns the screen off when you place it to your head.

    The screen isnt turning off when you put it to your head and your face pressed numbers on the dialpad.....its not ghosts.

    Thats most likely the deal.

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    Thank you very much

    I thought my cheek was rubbing the dialer pad also,,so i tilted the phone 45 degrees from my ear,,but still heard a couple beeps away from my face.

    This #3 cable is consistent with the main issue,,so thank you for that,,#3 handles the no earpiece during calls,,Correct!

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    I would also try restoring the phone. To rule out a software issue.

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    Do you possibly know what is the problem with my camera shutter never opening

    thank you

    I have done the restore,,and still have those only 2 problems

    camera shutter never opens
    speakerphone icon has to be tapped in order to talk on phone
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    That would be a faulty camera, or the cable to the camera being loose as it can be disconnected from the mainboard. Last phone I worked on with that issue, the camera was bad for some reason....replaced the camera (cheap on ebay) and it worked fine.

    A drop can damage the camera if the phone hits right.

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