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Thread: iPhone 3Gs- Screen Replaced - Low Quality Parts used?

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    Default iPhone 3Gs- Screen Replaced - Low Quality Parts used?
    I got my iPhone 3Gs screen replaced in New York. The guy advertised on craigslist and seemed to know his stuff pretty well.

    The replacement screen is slightly raised from the bezzle and is slightly squishy, it has about .5cm of give to it, especially near the top. I imagine this is from the new adhesive (he said he uses 3M adhesives), but I was a little disappointed that it wasn't flush like a new 3Gs.

    Also, from an angle, I can notice a grid on the screen, presumably from the multi touch digitizer. I have never noticed this on any other iphone before.

    He put a screen protector on my iphone (at my request) and now I'm scared to take it off. I'm not confident that this new screen has the same level of scratch protection/olephobic coating that my 3Gs had originally.

    Is this normal? Did he use sub par parts or are all replacement 3Gs screens like this? Anyone have experience with screens that match this description and have any idea if they are more prone to scratches/fingerprints?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like he didn't clean the screen's plastic frame underneath when he removed the OEM glue.

    Looks like you're going to have to go in and correct his mistake.

    To do this, lookup youtube clips on how to seperate the glass from the housing.

    Before you begin this, make sure you buy the 3M adhesives made for the iphone 3G

    Once its opened, go in and look for smudges and clean them off with your figernail and an X-Acto knife until the surface is smooth and has no residue left.

    Use the strips to realign the replacement digitizer back on the frame and reassemble the LCD and screen assembly back on to the phone itself.

    That'll fix your problem

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    he shouldnt of used the adhesive it raises the glass a little bit it should stay on if he installed it right

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