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Thread: is it hard/expensive to replace glass part of screen 3gs?

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    Default is it hard/expensive to replace glass part of screen 3gs?
    a local guy on craigslist has a 3gs for sale with a smashed glass front...he claims the lcd still works fine that it's just the outer glass that's damaged...he only got a month ago so i'm not sure why he doesn't take it in for repair...but never the less if this guys legit, i'm curious if it's hard to replace the outside glass on a 3gs...and is the glass part expensive? thanks guys...

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    Average cost for someone to replace it is around $75.00. There are a couple members here on the forum that do that repair also.

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    First Off: You will be really unhappy if you think you can just replace the glass.

    The glass is mounted with an dual sided adhesive ---- it is a very, very difficult process to split/and remount .Likely to render the digitizer not 100% responsive and/or bubbles below the glass.

    The parts on eBay are $30-35.... but... I'd advice against doing it urself... better to follow BLKCADI's recommendation
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    Do hope that helps


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    thanks guys...he's looking to get like 350 for it, so in some ways it might be worth it...tho i'm still not sure it's legit...i mean he advertised it as a 3GS, but i've asked him three times now if that was acurate with no direct response to that particular question...i dunno i'm thinking bout maybe switching over to att this dec and then i can get a new one for 199 if i decide to so maybe i'll just wait and see...but if it is leget you think that's a good fair price, like 450 with a new screen hookup?

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    I can vouch that the digitzer repair can be tough but if you search you can find out the proper steps to use and it can be done successfully each time.

    Difficulty varies on your skill level once you realize what it is you have to do to perform the repair.

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    If the glass is smashed,then i think that there is a 50% chance for the LCD to get damaged in few days...And the replacement process of the front side glass is really hard also..
    Whatever,if you buy that 3gs,then best of luck.
    And you will get the parts on ebay for $30-40..
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    If the LCD is still good, I'd jump on it! 3GS digitizers run about 35.00 shipped on ebay. Good luck. With some TLC you can benefit greatly from this

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    The Glass/Digi isnt hard to replace.......if you have experience wit dat stuff.

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