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Thread: LCD doesn't light up

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    Default LCD doesn't light up
    I have confirmed the LCD, digitizer and light sensor work on another 3gs. But when plugged In to my 3gs the LCD won't light up. I've tried brightness settings iver tried a restore to no avail I've tried a hard reset also still won't light up. Ideas ?

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    That's wierd. Currently I'm testing a water damaged 3G that had an LCD that lit up normal until about 5 mins into using it it went dark like it was in sleep mode only the image was still visable only the light bulb burnt out.

    I'm sure your case is a little different than mine but it sounds like the wrong LCD is in your phone.

    Are you trying to use a 3G LCD in your 3GS or vice versa?

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    No it's a 3gs LCD the lcds are not compatible the ribbon connectors are different. This one wasn't water damaged it just stopped working stupid thing wasn't even dropped the only thing left is the motherboard and I can't seem to find a replacment board anywhere.

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    If the light bulb burnt out on the LCD chances are the LCD itself is defective. Not the actual logic board.

    Just like your computer monitor...if the backlighting goes out, its not because of your LCD monitor if that makes sense.

    Do you have another 3GS to test this LCD on? If so I'd plug it in there to see if its still dim.

    That's what I did with that defective LCD I mentioned ^ ^

    No matter which phone was it was put into, (out of 3) it just didn't light up after the backlight died.

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    The LCD works when plugged into another 3gs

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    this happend to me before, try this, go into settings - general - reset - reset all settings, fixed mine

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    Let me know if this works for you too OP. I'm more curious as to why it happened in the first place to prevent it from happening again.

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    I am facing the same problem now..I have tried the reset option...But,still it's not working...If anyone knows any other way to fix it,then please let me know...
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    diddnt work. it happened after i changed the lcd. the light still worked on the broken lcd. but the phone wont light up the new one. I HAVE CONFIRMED THE NEW LCD WORKS !! i plugged it into another 3gs and it lights up just fine so its NOT the lcd....

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    This is weird but have you tried hard resetting the phone with the new LCD in place?

    That fixed a problem I had yesterday after I replaced a flex cable and the screen didn't come on. I was like WTF after I double checked everything.

    After a hard reset (Home + Pwr) all was well.

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    I have a 2G that was water damage and it is doing the exact thing, I can work on it without any issues, but there is no ilunimation, which part has to be replace? I have another 2G with a cracked screen

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    No illumination = need new LCD. The back light is built into the LCD itself

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    That means I would have to replace LCS with glass screen?.....OUCH, anywhere I can find them cheap?, this is a 2G

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    It is something to do with the logic board controlling the backlight of the LCD. I am having the same problem on my 3G[S]that got wet replaced battery, cleaned, restore, works fine other than the earpiece, bought a new lcd same problem no backlight, bought a new 3G[S] switched the logic board to the brand new host same problem no backlight. I think the repair is going to involve someone who has knowledge of the logic board layout.

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    i have an ipod touch 32g and dropped it into water . Put in box of rice for 24 hours and now it works but the lcd wont light. At first it would not even respond to the touch screen but after the rice it works and no light. everything else works but the light. I can see the screen and the touch screen responds. Has anyone had any work with ipodjuice to fix this? It will be around 120 to replace the battery(might as well) and the lcd. Or should I just save up to buy a new one??

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    Im still stuck in the same boat no way to fix the backlight issued caused form the water i have made some headway in that curent could be driven to the lcd from a differnt location to make the backlight work but it is not a practical repair. I dont think there will be one until more iphones are sold in china and the chinese shops begin to repair them than a solution will be discovered becasue here in America we just dont fix things anymore. By the way it was the only phone i got the ECID for.

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    replaced lcd and still no light should i go farther or just buy a new one i cracked the screen while opening it also.

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    Water damage, its probably toasted beyond worth screwing with....or way beyond your skill level (no offense)...but it would take probing the board to see what is shorted out, and that still doesnt mean its fixable.

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