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Thread: replaced parts now i have no sound

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    Default replaced parts now i have no sound
    i recently took my iphone apart and replaced the screen on 2 seperate iphones both are the same model...adn also switched the motherboards because one had a broken home button {trying to get it into dfu mode} still didnt work so put back together, when i put them back together they both have the same issue with both of them and i am wondering what did i forget to do? i removerd the glass and took off connectors 1,2,3, and 4 then undid all screws and disconnected 5, and 6.. put back all connecteors and i only get sound from headphone jack ... i have blown air into it.. i have reset all the settings... i have rebooted and restored it as well but nothing seemed to work? any suggestions

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    Default ok just checked
    the mic works but the speaker doesnt work... any suggestiong would be helpful, as well decribing and showing pistures on what connects the speaker and where the problem may be ... please help...

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    Maybe a torn ribbon get a magnifying lens and check check check

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    I know it sounds weird but last time I had a problem like that I replaced the charger port and problem solved. Also make sure every ribbon is on securely.

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    i made sure the ribbins were not torn... and like i said the problem not only happend to the phone i was replacing the screen from but also the one i took the screen out of ? so i didnt know if it was not grounded or is and shouldnt be? ill try the charger port next then as well any good places to get parts?

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