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Thread: Silent/Vibrate Button hangs loose

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    Default Silent/Vibrate Button hangs loose
    I have googled like hell trying to find a solution to my problem and I decided if anybody can help me its the people at

    My silent/vibrate button is just simply loose it doesn't click back and forth nor does it activate between ringer/vibrate. Luckily it became loose (and useless) when my ringer was ON so I can simply turn off all sounds in the Settings. But this can be annoying especially if I'm in class, I have to turn off new mail/sent mail/text/ringer/etc.. anything that makes sound

    I tried setting the volume to 0 but everything can still be heard (just not quite as loud) so now I just turn it off in class even though I want to use it to text people >.>

    I just bought a new silent/vibrate key button to replace my old loose one
    Silent Mute Key Buttons Repair Parts For iPhone 2G G83 - eBay (item 280381597862 end time Sep-04-09 08:10:08 PDT)

    I looked at the instructions at to figure out how to replace it but it doesn't show specifically how to replace the silent/vibrate button itself but rather the entire headphone jack flex cable part.

    I'm assuming this might fix my problem, but I'm not sure, does anyone know if instead I'll have to buy a new Flex cable set? You know, the one that comes with the vibrate button/motor/headphone jack/power button/etc and costs $10-$30 AND there's two different models of it and the only way to find out what model my phone supports is by opening my phone....

    I'm open to any opinions on this, thanks!

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    You have to open the case and remove the logic board. Once its out, the vibrate switch assembly is held onto the case by a couple screws. make sure its all aligned properly by re torquing everything properly and making sure the tiny lever aligns up with the actual switch plastic.

    It should click when you move it not move freely

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