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Thread: Build an Iphone 3G S

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    Question Build an Iphone 3G S
    I have read all over the internet that apple make a rather hefty profit from 3gs sales. And all over ebay and other websites there is every part for an iphone around to buy. so i was wondering would somebody be able to provide me with a full list of components in the Iphone 3G and the 3Gs. i will then go about buying the parts and building my own iphone. may even post video tutorials.
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    Sure.. just like buying a car part by part.....
    They can make money building the phone because they control the manufacturing of the parts. When you buy the parts however....

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    i know that but certain websites have cheaper parts but i was just wanting the list so that i do not miss anything out. if i do build it i will post how much it costed me to buy and build. may even post a video of assembly. i get what you mean tho.

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    I personally think buying each part will cost more than just the phone itself.

    They over price the small parts simple because they can. I don't think I've actually seen every part there is for the iphone to buy in parts.

    The main parts sure, but there are lots of little things which I don't know you'll find, such as the silver grills that cover the speaker/loud speaker/mic.

    I could be wrong but maybe it would be better just buying a cheap borken iphone which has all the small parts and just replace the parts that need fixing.

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    You will spend DOUBLE buying all the parts vs. buying the phone.

    Apple buys the parts MILLIONS at a time, for example they can build a 3g or 3gs cheaper than you can buy the mainboard alone.

    I added it up one day for the heck of it and came up with about $800 to build a 3g from scratch.

    Mainboard (Mobo and Commboard)
    Dock assembly (dock connector, microphone, speaker)
    Vibrate Motor
    Wifi Antenna
    Headphone w/ flex cable assembly
    Screws (can be ordered as a set)

    Screen Assembly:
    Proximity sensor flex cable
    Home button w/ flex cable

    Have fun, your wasting your time.
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    Add another 5.00 to your expense list

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    yea this is not a good idea

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    Just go out and buy a 3gs as it will be cheeper
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    is everyone listening to themselves???How much is a logic board going to cost????? then you have a 100 lcd thats the phone itself. My advice if you had to post a question like that do not try and build a phone just save your money

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    Well a cheaper option may be to buy damaged iPhones and take it from there but building from scratch is like wasting your time big time

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    wouldnt there be some issue with it not being built by Apple, that it wouldnt have a serial number?
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    brookey never had the motivation in the first place. He thought it was a good idea for all of 5 minutes. Then realised the parts wouldn't build themselves.

    Kinda like a fat chick who joins a gym. She wants the end result, but doesn't want to go through the pain.
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    good luck you will need it

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