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Thread: is it possible to replace wifi hardware?

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    Default is it possible to replace wifi hardware?
    I bought a used 3g iphone (locked)... since im tmobile.. i went home and jailbreaked it right away.. after jailbreaking.. unlocking is my next step.. but thats when i found out that my iphone can't detect wifi.. cuz i had to use cydia to install ultrasnow to unlock my phone. I've tried everything to fix it such as: restoring from different backups from my old iphone 2g (that i lost), resetting network settings, manually inputting the wifi settings (SSID and WEP), and doing a complete fresh start restore from itunes. Wifi still can't be detected. I'm 99.99% sure that it's not my wifi/router problem cuz ive been using this wifi with my old iphone and while i was troubleshooting my iphone i had another iphone (my friend's) next to my iphone... and my friends iphone can detect my wifi.. while mine fails.

    Heres what my phone does:
    after i click on wifi.. turn it off and on.. "Choose a Network..." would load for like a second or two then stop. No listed wifi detected. Even tho i know that theres at least 6 different wifis in my area.

    I have contacted the person that i sold me this phone.. but he said he dint have any problem with it.. and he rarely used the wifi since he has the ATT iphone data plan.

    So i dont know im doing wrong... i mean ive looked around.. and all i can find is.. reset network settings.. blah blah blah... which ive already done. Right now im almost certain that its probably hardware malfunction.. and i might have to replace my wifi chip.. or somthing like that.

    do you guys have any comment and/or suggestion with my problem?
    please help...

    oh ya.. jes an FYI.. i ended up unlocking my phone with the "No wifi unlock method" pretty easy actually.. just 1 click from the .bat file.. reset iphone.. then your good to go.

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    Unles it's still under warranty, i don't think there's an easy way to fix your problem, but you might want to install a wifi scanner from the app store like wififofum(lol)(not free) or something like stumbler from cydia(free), and see if that works

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    yeah.. i forgot to mention that ive tried stumbler plus app as well.. and even stumbler can't find any wifi access points... fyi i installed stumbler using cyder

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    Try a full restore, just make sure everything on the phone is still in iTunes so u don't lose it. Full restore is where you set it up as a new phone and don't click the restore from backup option. How long has it been since the iPhone was purchased?- it might be still under warranty

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    If you're brave and dont' mind opening up your phone, find instruction online, open it down to the case housing itself. Top left (connector #6) is your wifi connector/antenna

    Replace this part to physically correct your problem. The old connector ribbon can be broken or torn and you wouldn't know.

    This part is really small and separate from the flex cable assembly

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    thats the thing.. im not brave enough... the only reason y im not brave enough is bc.. i cant afford another $$$ for another iphone if i mess up....

    ive looked around on how to open iphone 3g.. it looks pretty simple from youtube..

    ive looked around on ebay for the iphone wifi replacement chip.. it looks pretty cheap...

    now d only thing missing is .. a tutorial on how to install that wifi hardware from ebay....

    fyi i just found out that my WIFI gives me MAC address as well as my bluetooth.. so.. ya... jes an fyi

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    pm cpjr he can fix it for you . i am gonna be sending him mine here shortly for it to be fixed.

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    i also have wifi problems since upgrading to 3.0 and 3.0.1. and can only get a descent connection when i'm connected to itunes via usb. if i removed my iphone from itunes the connection disconnects. so i think this my wifi hardware is ok.

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    Default iphone wifi chip replacement
    Quote Originally Posted by bftiedt View Post
    pm cpjr he can fix it for you . i am gonna be sending him mine here shortly for it to be fixed.
    Can someone tell me how I can get in contact with cpjr? I too need my wifi chip replaced by this person. Thanks in advance for helping me locate cpjr.

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    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but does anyone know how to contact this cpjr or anyone else who can replace a wifi chip on a 3g?
    I've already replaced the antenna with no luck.

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    CPJR can be contacted via PM here.
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    I have the same problem, and trying every possible software-fix got the conclusion that is a hardware issue, but there are two parts of them: The Wifi antenna-flex and IO chip...Does anyone know where can I get the chip? cuz I feel that the antenna will not fix it at all

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