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Thread: Setting option dissapeared

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    Default Setting option dissapeared
    Okay well first off my contacts for some reason are now sorted by last name, first name. Now when i try to set it back, it is settings>mail,contacts, calender right? My problem is that the mail, contacts and calender option is not there anymore. Is there another way for me to get change my contacts to first name, last name? or is there a way to somehow get the mail, contacts and calender option back into my iphone setting menu?

    BTW my phone is jail broken

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    can you show us a screenshot of your settings? ive never even heard of this before
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    yep here is the picture

    as you can see im clearly missing the mail, contacts calender option. now i dont want to restore my iphone beacuse that would mean i loose certain apps like skype that i can only get from the states. so i want to set my contacts from first, last but the option isnt there. what should i do?

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    wow. i can honestly say im stumped. i have never seen that before. did anything recently change on your phone. anything at all? did you use any utilities?
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    LOL i foudn the soloution.
    if you use poof and hide mail, it hides the setting too! all i did was unhide mail in poof and that setting option came back.
    damn i feel dumb haha
    now i know lock up!

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    well thats good info to know. i know that you can do that with the nike thing bc it appears as an application. glad you got if fixed. one more thing we all learned today
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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