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Thread: In some apps letter "Y"does not work properly (3GS)

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    Default In some apps letter "Y"does not work properly (3GS)
    did not know were to post. Sorry if in wrong place.

    Yesterday I bought a brand new iPhone 3GS 32Gb. I have not made any mods..

    The case is that if I want to type "Y" as a first letter of the sentence (in clear field) it is not just does not type anything...If I type any other letter and then "Y" then everything works fine.

    Give you samples off apps were it is OK and were not:

    Y as a first letter does not work in:
    Youtube - search field
    So I can type in word "Guy" but can not type in "Young".

    Y as a first letter works in

    Message To: field Y works but in Subject field does not

    I believe that there are still apps I could check but I think that it is enought to get clear what happens.

    Today I updated to fw 3.0.1 with hope that something will change but unfortunately the same problem.
    One good thing is that now it is possible to Reject incoming call that was not possible on fw 3.0.

    Sorry for my English. Hope I could describe the situation so that you can understand it.

    Looking forward to your replies soon!

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    does that area of the screen work in other apps or only when you are trying to type the letter Y?

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    It looks more like this is software I wrote if I need to type Y as a first letter in "any" field it is impossible in some apps...if I type it as second++ letter it works absolutely normaly..

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    Something like this was happening to me the other day. Certain letters just wouldn't type. Resprung and all was well.

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    I have an answer.
    This issue is related to keybord settings. My keybord was set to local language - Latvian which does not have letters Y and X. When changed to English - everything works fine.
    Let's say so - quite an interesting solution from Apple..

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