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Thread: 3GS bevel replacement

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    Default 3GS bevel replacement
    I am about to buy a black 16gb 3GS and i was wondering a few things:

    To replace the bevel do you just unscrew the 2 screws by the pin connector, prop the screen up, disconnect the ribbons and then hopefully remove a few screws on the bevel and then put your new one in?

    Are their any warrenty stickers / can apple tell that i opened the phone if i put the original chrome bevel back on?

    Thanks for your time guys.

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    No, not at all. I opened the 3G couple times, and to take the chrome bezel out, you HAVE to take everything inside out: battery, main-board, camera, buttons..., i mean EVERYTHING! But its not that hard though, just time consuming. The bezel is also glued to the back casing, so if you take it out, apple will definitely know that you opened up the phone. There is one screw which has a sticker on it, in order to take the screw out, you gonna have to remove the sticker. And the sticker is very easy to break!
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    he said the 3gS guy above, its a different layout to the 3g

    ive also looked at changing the chrome, but on the 3G it was easy, ive not yet open my 3GS

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    Has someone that opened up their 3gs and changed the bevel shed some light here?

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    3GS is the same routine as a 3G, some hardware is different but "looks" and attaches the same.

    And yes....the bezel is the LAST thing to come off, so you have to completely diassemble the phone.

    PS- There are stickers and they will 99% be able to tell you opened/disassembled it. They also use a light to check for fingerprints inside the phone.

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    As above 3Gs is the same housing as 3G, all they changed are the components on the motherboard to add the extra functionality:-

    In theory you could put a 3Gs board in a 3G housing and vice versa with no issues if you do it right.
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    Yup, however you would actually have to use the LCD and digitizer from a 3GS with a 3GS mainboard.

    Some component parts they changed the connectors on. Why, to be turds.

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    To be Turds and some! What idiot thought that idea up??? I actually thought someone at Apple had looked at the number of original 2g iphones that ended up with broken glass outers and went "hey guys, 3.5" of glass in the hands of nerds is always gonna end up smashed, why not make it easier to replace the glass bit) and doth the 3G emerged with a super easy way to do so - and an industrious band of ebay folk in Hong Kong knocking out the glass with digititisers and LCD's as well (cheers for the free tupperware guys, my other half loves the monthly parcel from Hong Kong of sexy tupperware with bonus extra iPhone Lcd and Digitizer). But now I'll have to have extra stock in of new damn connector LCD and Digitiser just for a 3GS. The squiddies are coming, reason enough to stick with the universal part fitting 3g. |-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by metaljay View Post
    he said the 3gS guy above, its a different layout to the 3g
    I know what he said, and I know what I said! You just didnt know what you were saying!
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