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Thread: LCD for 3G same as 3G S?

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    Default LCD for 3G same as 3G S?
    Subject really says it all...

    I water damaged my phone, and the phone LCD backlighting is dead. I can replace the screen, just need to know if the 3G LCD screen is the same as the 3G S LCD screen.

    Anyone? Please help, thanks!

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    Afaik the 3GS has a oleophobic screen and the 3G just a normal one.
    Basically the oleophobic layer/screen is like a "protection" to quickly remove those fingerprints with just one swip (apparently).

    But if there are any other technical differences, I have no idea.

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    Okay. that's all kinds of wrong. I'm not talking about the little plastic screen on the outside, I'm talking about the actual LCD screen on the inside that you NEVER touch.



    Actual LCD the same part on 3G and 3G S models?
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    Same question !!
    my LCD is broken (not the tooch screen)
    can I replace it with 3G LCD ?
    please Reply !
    i'm going to do that !

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    Apparently for the 3Gs Apple decided to change the size of the push fit connectors that connect to the motherboard for both the LCD and Digitizer, so you need 3Gs specific replacements for both. CPJR pointed this out in another thread.

    Which is here:-
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    thanx a lot for this fast answer.

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