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Thread: Help concerning the antenna prongs on the mother board

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    Default Help concerning the antenna prongs on the mother board
    Alright, the story goes, I had a 2G 4GB phone that would turn off when it went into auto lock, then recently I got a hold of a 2G 8GB that would not connect to iTunes so I could not unlock it for T-mobile. I took apart the 8GB to have a look around, following a video tutorial that I found on youtube. While removing the antenna wire from the mother board, the video neglected to mention that they were held on with anything other than a little glue, and I ended up damaging the prongs. Wouldn't be a big deal, but just for kicks I put the 8GB mobo into my 4GB phone, and discovered that the 8GB mobo works perfect, no more problems with the phone crashing during auto-lock... but the new problem is, those damn antenna prongs were damaged and now I get poor signal. What exactly makes up the antenna prongs and the white wire? The prongs on the motherboard looks like a miniature RCA cable, so would one be correct to assume that there are two connections inside of the white wires? Could I in theory solder the wire directly to the motherboard?

    Or, if anyone here thinks they could fix the prongs, I'd be happy to send them the 8GB mother board to have a closer look at.

    Here is what I am talking about from a different motherboard.

    The round silver part broke off completely on one of the prongs, and is mangled on the other. Any thoughts?
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    Here is the board in question

    Anyone know how this stuff works? It looks like the silver ring is attached to those two little sliver (is it solder?) lines to both sides. On the one where the silver ring is gone completely, one of the silver lines is gone but the other remains. Maybe I can solder the antenna cable directly to that silver line?

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    I'm in the same situation as you. I recently purchased a new LCD with digitizer. I find it really difficult to place the atenna back back on.

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    these are so tiny, it's really almost impossible to fix without some micro soldering. what I'd try is putting a tiny bit of solder on the connections and then holding it into place till you get a good signal, then hot gluing it in that place. It's a work around, but I don't think you will be able to just fix it. with a good magnifying glass, you can see that the outer ring bends really easily, which makes it impossible to reconnect. I have messed up the same connection on a phone and worked on it for a while with a mag. glass and it's just about impossible to fix. Good luck.

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