I'm trying to determine if I've got a hardware problem with my 3GS (16gb white, 3.0fw jailbroken with purp1erain) that needs to be addressed. Recently, I've noticed the phone becoming warm during data use-- not by any means as hot as described by some online, and I've seen no temp warning screens. However, I'm noticing an affect on battery life which is dropping pretty quick-- much quicker than one day one with the phone.

I used an IR thermometer and scanned down the back of the casing after about 30 minutes of 3G data use, screen on and plugged in to PC. I'm getting between 94 and 97 degrees F. Earlier in the day I seen it hit 101 F under the same conditions. What I'm trying to find out is what is the average temp for others? Do any of you guys have any readings?

I've recently restored to see if this fixes my problem.