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Thread: iPhone shuts off randomly

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    Default iPhone shuts off randomly
    I have an iPhone 3g that shuts off randomly. I'm not sure if it's actually shutting off or if it's just sitting with a black screen. If the phone is idling (Meaning it's doing nothing) when it goes to sleep it will shut off and not turn back on until the battery is completely dead. I have to charge it for it to show the battery with the Z and then it will power on.

    However, If I have music playing in the background, the phone works fine. I don't believe it's a software problem as I have restored it to factory defaults and it still has the problem.

    I have taken the phone apart and everything seems fine. If there's a part that you guys think I need to replace lemme know, cause I can do it myself, I just don't want to go buy random parts and cross my fingers.


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    IT would almost certainly be a software issue; thats just my guess anyway. I hope your phone was not still under warranty, because taking it apart, probably ended that for sure.

    In my opinion, if it were a hardware issue, it would be doing it not matter what you had running in the background.

    Try disabling the autolock, set it to "never" than put your phone in sleep mode, and try to use the home button to bring it back, it that works consistently, then it at least narrows your problem down to the software side of the Autolock function. Of course it that works, and your able to awake your phone using this process, also if the phone doesn't power itself off, then I guess this would be a quick fix for your issue.

    Hope i've helped a little.

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    I agree I have 1 keeps restarting on its own cant even dfu it its the connector where the flex cable goes that is messed up, therefore hardware issue is my final answer

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