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Thread: Iphone 3G "No Service" Hardware problem.

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    Default Iphone 3G "No Service" Hardware problem.

    Hi all,

    Hope you are all well, and that maybe someone can advise me.

    I stupidly decided to take my 3G apart to replace the damaged back casing.

    Now that I have eventually got it back together I get a constant "NO SERVICE" message. It's re-flashed to standard 3.0 and has no other mods of any kind. So I'm pretty sure it's a hardware thing.

    Can anyone advise me on which part I've damaged or not replaced properly or even point me in the direction of some help.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Has no one encountered this or have any idea?

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    You've probably messed up the antennas?

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    That's part of my problem.. I don't know where they are...:-(


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    The antenna connects by seating to little metal spring contacts, bottom right of the mobo actually on the dock and speaker unit and I think somewhere top left. Anyway the one most likely out is the dock/speaker unit - remove the mobo again, check you have the dock unit correctly seated and look for the little copper spring contact - when you reseat the mobo make sure that you are hitting that contact point.
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    Many many thanks for your help, but I still can't get it going. To make matters worse, I've just realised that the 2 gold spring contacts for (I presume) the Home button ('cos it doesn't work) have come off (God knows how!)

    And on that note, can anyone recommend a good UK repair centre that I can trust to fix whatever it requires please?

    Thanks once again.


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    Do you guys have Craigslist out there?? I always see repair centers listed on Criagslist locally in the US when I go on to look for iphones.

    Might help you out a lil bit

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    Thanks Tiguy.

    I've sent it to ipodrepaircentre dot com
    They were recommended to me by a guy on Twitter who has used them. I'll report back with the results.

    Many thanks once again


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