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Thread: Dim screen after reparing glass and digitizer LCD bad?

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    Default Dim screen after reparing glass and digitizer LCD bad?
    Ok so I put on a new glass and digitizer and everything was fine then I wanted to perfect it so I opened it back up wen I closed it and turned it back on only have the screen had touch funcutionality so I assumed I broke the digi while reopeninf it back up so I opened it up AGAIN to see wat was wrong I then closed it and then my screen was dim so dim I can only see it in light also it Shuld b noted that wen removing cables 1,2,3 I broke the connector tab that cable 3 goes into...cable 3 still goes in but it won't lock in so I am wondering is it because of the connnector tab or did I damage my LCD? Thanks

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    Cable #3 is the earpiece and proximity sensor....has nothing to do with the screen.

    If the screen isnt lighting up then you may not have the flex cable for the LCD seated properly.....its #1, and its very easy to loosen while closing the phone back up.

    Either that or you damaged the LCD, as the backlight LED's are part of it.

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    Ok I'll check that out... Also if i did mess up the LCD would the best thing to do would be to get the complete LCD with glass and digi that I just plug in becaus I stripped the screws that the LCD is attached to

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    The entire screen assembly is pretty expensive......buying only the LCD is somewhat cheap. So, that would be up to you. Im sure you can make do with just the LCD.

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    Yes but my issue is that the screws that are in the LCD are stripped I can't take the LCD our with rippin the frame...I see a complete LCD on eBay for 95

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