Hello all!

I recently bought a second iphone and was going to switch parts off so that one looks really good. I started with switching the back of the phones. I took everything apart, swapped the casings, and put it back together. It seemed to all be working until I played the ipod, and it thought that it had the headphones plugged in. I was shocked and checked some other things out using the speakers, and they all seemed to work (playing my ringtones etc). when i made calls, nothing i couldn't hear anything (and i don't think the person i had called could hear me either). If I plugged in my headphones though, everything went back to normal, as if there wasn't anything wrong with my phone. Finally, after trying all the mods to fix screwed up headphones, i switched back the casing. voila! both phones work properly!

so my question is, how do i switch the back housings without them thinking they are in headphone mode?