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Thread: Hardware issue or software?

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    Default Hardware issue or software?
    I bought a new/refurbished iPhone 3 months ago for my wife. The phone had never been used it was a replacement for a warrantied phone. A couple weeks ago the wife decided she wanted the 3g.
    Last sunday I did a restore jailbroke the 2g. I sold the phone to my sister for my nephew to use. She picked it up Monday morning put her sim card in it & went home (2hr drive) she texted me saying there was no service. She put a different sim in it & it got service, she put the other sims card in & it got service this time. She turned the phone off put it in the box. A few hrs later my nephew came home from school they turned the phone on & no service.
    The phone has not had service since Monday. I have restored it with everything from 1.1.4 to 2.2.1 & every 1 either stays at No Service or Searching. Tried every sim I have & hers as well.

    I'm think the antenna is not working. Can anyone help me get this working? I need to figure this out the phone is to nice to just scrap it. The phone will show No Sim card if it's removed. Please help me get this working.
    Sorry for the long post I just wanted to post everything I know about the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Most likely....or your in a really bad area

    You can pull the antenna cover off and check the antenna, its a flex antenna, to make sure nothing is a little loose. That would be a start.

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    Thanks. I'll have to order some tools to be able to take the back off. My coverage area is really good. The phone use to pick up the signal really well until now. I will get the tools & post back what I find.
    I've never worked on the iPhone so I will need some help on how to identify if the antenna is faulty.
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    All you need as far as "tools" is a small flat/phillips head screwdrivers and either a metal spudger (preffered) or razor.

    Dont bother with the ipod opening tools, they are crap.

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    Well I got the antenna cover off. Now what should I look for? It looks like the wires are connected. There are some clear spots on the antenna but other than that it looks good.
    If I can't mod it...I don't want it.

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