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Thread: Unique 2G iPhone problem? Speakers only work with headphones plugged in...

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    Default Unique 2G iPhone problem? Speakers only work with headphones plugged in...
    Lets cut to the chase.

    I had bought a used 2G a while ago. I got it for a fair price considering the condition. Everything worked well; except the back housing was rather beat up with scratches and small dents.

    I had recently picked up another 2G. This time it was very broken and whatnot, but I mainly wanted it for it's back housing, and got it for dirt cheap. The only problem (so I thought) is that this housing is for a 16GB; whereas mine is an 8GB. Ok I can live with that though right? I just like a nice clean look and feel for my iPhone.

    So I swapped the housing and all went well. But when I turned it on I decided to check the camera and iPod. The camera didnt work, it would open but just stayed black. And the iPod also opened and I started a song, and it was running but no sound. SO I plugged in headphones- and the speakers work, but headphones did not... So its like things are reveresed- without headphones no sound, but with headphones plugged in, sound.

    I put the old housing back on- everything worked. I decided to swap the camera with the broken phones camera and then put the 16gb housing back on. Camera now works, but the iPod is still the same.

    I would swap the heaphone jack with the other housing but I am afraid its not as easy as the camera.

    So does anyone know whats up?


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    ive had a problem where if i removed the headphone, there would be no audio at all, i did a factory reset and it worked. maybe you should try a factory reset..

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    But with the beat up 8GB cover everything is fine, but then when I switch to the 16gb cover theres this problem...

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    Its the flex cable thats in the housing causing the problem (which includes the headphone jack).

    You can buy a new, bare housing off ebay (in lots of colors) for real $10-$15.

    Then swap all the pieces from your original, working housing into it.

    Moved to proper forum.

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    Ok sorry about the forum deal. Didnt know where exactly to put it.

    Anyway, couldnt I just swap out the flex cable and headphone jack then?

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    Sure...I was just saying you could get a new housing for cheap, if you wanted.

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    Ok well thanks for the help. I will just swap all the cables for now and see how things go. If it doesnt work I guess I'm stuck with the 8GB housing...

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    OK so i had this situation almost to the letter but when i switched cases i also got a new cable and installed it then put it back together. Then i started it up and everything was fine the camera the screen but not the ipod. i pressed play and heard no sound so inserted headphones and heard the sound coming out of the speaker. I need a solution.

    * Note i check the sound settings and when i changed the main ringtone it would come out the speakers no matter if the headphones were in or not.

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