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Thread: Whats wrong with my iPhone?

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    Default Whats wrong with my iPhone?
    I was weondering if there was a way to find out what is wrong with my iphone 3g. It is currently in Water Damage situation and it doesnt turn on anymore.

    i know how to disassemble everything.

    i want to learn whats wrong with the iphone before i buy different parts for it.

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    Most likely the mainboard is fried. But the only way to tell is by probing the entire thing looking for shorts. And MAYBE it could be fixed, maybe not.

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    so its only the motherboard, not the battery or anything else?

    cus what happened is that i came out the shower then steam hit the iphone.

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    Well, everything else could be fried too....but everything else is replaceable fairly easily. Your biggest concern is your mainboard, I wouldnt spend any money on it till you figured that one out.

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    Default ok
    ok, well, my sister's friend has an iphone 3g that has a broken screen. so what im gonna do is just switch screen with that one and i guess we'll see what happens

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    i would try and replace the battery first as if you battery gets wet it become useless. Its the easy to replace and very cheap to do

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    or send the iphone to me

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    from my experience 9 times out of 10 its just the battery. the thing that sucks about the iphone is you cant just pop the battery out when water hits it to avoid anything frying i would take it apart and check tha battery for power. if not i have a 3g on ebay with a good mainboard.

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    mine is an 2g seems after a motherbord replacement my screen is frozen .. i know the screen haddnt any digitizer probelm but i might do something wrong

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