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Thread: Screen Issue After 1600 Battery Replacement on Iphone 3G

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    Question Screen Issue After 1600 Battery Replacement on Iphone 3G

    I have just upgraded my iphone 3G from the standard battery to the 1600. I had no problems with the actual install everything went like a charm and phone is charging and working as before.

    The problem i have is that the bottom of the screen when you press the home button and any part of the black area around it gives a discoloration around the phone icon on the left hand side on the bottom of the screen, similar to the effect of pressing on a laptop screen to hard with your finger.

    I disassembled the iphone again as it gave me the impression that maybe something either under or on the motherboard was not seated properly and was causing maybe a slight high spot under the screen. Everything looks fine.

    Im at a loss... other than measuring the thickness of the old battery against the new one I havent got a clue....

    Any advice would be fantastic

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    I would have to see it in front of me. The screen should have nothing to do with the battery install at all, unless you messed something up taking it apart. And the battery / mainboard cant sit higher.....wouldnt matter because the LCD is railed in place on the screen assembly.

    It honestly sounds like you messed something on the screen assembly...most likely the LCD...up a little.

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    Thanx for the quick reply.

    I did run that through my mind but i was very cautious removing it and all i did was remove the 3 tabs and put it in an anti static bag, didnt remove or adjust any part of the LCD.

    If I press the middle of the left side of the screen it does greatly improve the issue. Thats where i got my thinking that it may have been an alignment issue. Ill keep looking into it and if all else fails ill replace the screen as a last resort.

    Any more input would again be welcomed.

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    It could very well be the alignment....but im unsure how you could have possibly got anything out of alignment. All you remove after the screen is the mainboard, battery sits under it. But the mainboard is screwed to the as long as its tight...everything should be aligned.

    However, the 3g is very "moody" and delicate on the inside....doesnt take much to get something off.

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    thanx again

    ill go over it again when i get home 2nite and recheck. will post outcome after that in case someone else gets this issue at a later stage, if i replace screen i will post results also to help in case it happens to others.

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    You can click my sig links if you want another look.

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