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Thread: broken iphone internal connector 3

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    Default broken iphone internal connector 3
    Hi guys

    Im not sure if this is the best place to post this, but sorry if thats the case!

    I have a 3g 16gb Iphone which recently stopped working. I opened it up and found that connector number 3 was out of place. I tried to clip it back in, but it wont clip in. The phone works if I hold the connector in place.

    My question is, is there anyway to keep the connector pressed down? masking tape? glue?

    What would you guys recommend?

    Thanks alot

    Ps can anyone point me to a iphone hardware/repairs forum?

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    Smile connector 3
    I have the same problem, I actually need the connector since it has lost the connection to the motherboard. I think it has two functions one is the speaker and number two is as a antenna connection. I guess that the antenna really goes bad when this connector is off and the speaker wont work, but you can use the other speaker :-).

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    If it's a hardware issue you should be able to get a replacement from Apple Care.

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    not anymore, he opened the phone.
    i suggest gorilla glue, but i've never opened my phone.. only use it if it's plastic to plastic. not metal to metal.. *shrugs*

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    You have to be real careful with glue. And dont use anything that emits a vapor.

    #3 controls your proximity sensor and earpiece speaker, so if your having other issues, its something else.

    There is a small black "clasp" you have to flip up before removing that cable, if you dont it will mess it up.

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    try this bro

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    I know, old thread, BUT PLEASE AVOID ANY ADHESIVES!!! Glue gets EVERYWHERE and is a nightmare for me to repair, I can do it, but it totally oxidizes my iron, and can damage other things. Here is a DIY someone did and I had to fix. It was a mess, glue, burned parts, etc

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    How to fix #3 CONNECTORS:

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