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Thread: ribbon 3?

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    Default ribbon 3?
    Hey guys last night i replaced a lcd and digitizer on an iphone 3g . when removing the screen i used a suction cup to take it out and i think it may have damaged the locking mechanism on the ribbon 3. while reassembling i got everything to look and work fine except ribbon 3 doesn't seem to lock properly. The beige part is where i think the problem is. The phone works except i cant hear through the headset i must use the speakerphone. so my question is weather there is anything i can do to repair or replace such as soldering,glueing, or anything of that sort, without buying a whole new phone being that this phone isn't even mine. thanks in advanced

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    Does the screen turn off when placed to your ear in a phone call??

    Flex #3 goes to yes, the earpice speaker and the proximity sensor.

    If that piece is damaged you can buy the part pretty cheap off ebay. And its fairly easy to swap out.

    The cable isnt designed to go completely into the port on the mobo, first check its secure....and the little tab that flips up isnt necessary either.

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    if you lift up the black piece on the connector it will beeasy to pull the cable in and out so with the peice up shove the cable in good then press it down and then glue it if you have no other option that should hold it

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    where should i glue ? the lil black tab opens and closes fine . the beige section is what seems to me that is broken a lil crack so it doesnt lock fully thanks for fast responses

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    if its not the tab thats broken then you probably broke the cable


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    ^If the cables broke, that a way easy fix. That piece is cheap and easy to swap.

    If you screwed the mainboard connector up....that could be pretty bad.

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    so if it is the lil beige tab that's broken how will i go bout fixing it or repairing it ?i'm a lil hesitant to reopen it and damage it more

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    ^Dunno, I'd have to see it.

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    open it and put the suction cap over the home button end, as you slowly lift it up put some pressure on the other end so it doesn't open crazy quick and damage the ribbon again, then take a picture of the mainboard connector and the ribbon and post them on here.

    and cpjr, is it ok if i PM you? got some questions / pics about a water damaged 3g
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    ^Pm away.

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    im not sure if the pictures did any justice but in closer inspection the lil beige clip does seem to be broken as i can see a tiny lil crack in it on the tab side
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    ^That should be fine if you can shove it back in there. One of my 3G's is like that, too and it's fine; it has no black part and the beige part is slightly torn. Can't really tell the extent to which yours is broken, though. Pic related:

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    Unhappy Same problem over here
    Hey guys,

    I'm haveing exactly the same problem .

    The phone works perfect except when i call someone i dont hear anything at all (out of the ear - speaker). When i use the headset it does works.

    I also cracked the white thing on the board a little bit... . while opening the screen it suddenly just poped out and maybe the connector got broken by it?

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Or is there a way to check if the the connector itself is broken? Or to test if the speaker itself is? ...

    Thanks in advance

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    Well if your not sure if its your cable or connector you could take an iPhone(phone A) that has a working speaker and connector and just switch them out to check, if the speaker off the broken phone works on the phone A then its the connector. I'm not sure if you want to try that because you might screw up both phones. lol just a thought though

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    Post Help!!
    As with previous posters I accidentally disconnected the screen too quickly (the suction cup is less damaging to the rubber gasket/seal, but appears more dangerous to the connectors). Anyway the ear piece was working intermittently and the proximity sensors weren't working at all... After replacing Cable 3 twice I noticed that the connector (the black piece the beige flip/lock piece is connected to) is not appropriately connected to the main board...

    I think that if I could better secure that connector the whole thing might work again... Any suggestions on how to better connect it? I was thinking something pushing down from above but can't think of anything small enough that I can secure... Help! TY!

    @Day 1 2100: And now I can't get the screen to plug in or turn on. FRICK! ARRRRRGHHH!

    @Day 2 2050: Wisely I decided to quit screwing around with my iPhone last night. After thinking about it all day (because I had no iPhone to distract me ) it occurred to me that perhaps the battery had run out. When I got home I tried my theory and sure enough after some terror and trial and error I eventually got my iPhone on again and I'm back to my original problem: the connector to Cable 3 being too loose to secure it properly and therefore the proximity sensor and ear piece speaker not correctly working. I tried using a little bit of superglue to better secure the black plastic (apparently without success).

    I did learn a valuable lesson-quit doing stuff to your iPhone that might make it unusable before you have a Plan B. Sheesh. Will report back with future findings. Thoughts are appreciated.
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    I have the same problem only my black lock connector is intact and the cable is undamaged from what I can tell. My problem though is I don't know what that cable is supposed to look like when it's locked in correctly. Can anybody post a picture of their cable #3 locked into place how it should be?

    I can't tell if the little marker on the cable is supposed to be right up to the socket or not and the cable doesn't seem to reach the lock point so the black thing seems useless unless I can see how it should look.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by krazy View Post
    Hey guys, I can remove and replace that connector if you've damaged it for you. PM me and Ill give you the details. I just performed the same surgery on mine. I ordered a few connectors, and they are on their way to me. I can repair it and have it shipped back to you within a couple of days.
    krazy, PM me how much you charge for this service. I HATE soldiering. Fumes drive me crazy lol

    Maybe I can outsouce a couple phones that need this replacement your way haha.

    Thanks in advance

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    why does everyone superglue that number three cable? i purchased mine that way. granted for a 20 dollar 3g i cant expect much i guess,

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPoGo View Post
    why does everyone superglue that number three cable? i purchased mine that way. granted for a 20 dollar 3g i cant expect much i guess,
    supergluing does not fix it. you need the pins to contact the board. if you want this repaired, send me a PM. Ive done a few for people on here already.

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    Hello,I just bough an iphone with this same connector broken on the motherboard. DO YOU KNOW THE NAME OF THIS CONNECTOR,,, were the proximity sensor flex goes in and clip.


    Also does any one know how to install this little part part!!!

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