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Thread: Cracked Screen

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    Hey guys, my gf's iphone (3G) screen broke today. I did some research but im still not too sure about some things. i have a few questions that i hope you guys can answer:
    1- Is the screen (front panel) and the digitizer the same thing?
    2- If different, how do i know which one i need to replace?

    There are no black marks or anything under the cracks so i think it's just the front screen but i'm not sure how hard it is to replace. I saw the 5 min video on youtube, which looks fairly easy but i'm not sure.

    It would be helpful if you guys could direct me to some websites that sell the required items to replace the necessary item(s)
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    im pretty sure the 3g screen is both the front panel AND the digitizer together. i would suggest consulting cpjr about hardware questions. he knows his stuff there and probably knows the best places to order the stuff you need
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    You will need to buy the glass/digitizer combo. You can grab em off ebay for around $30. Then you'll need the adhesive ($6) from

    The glass and digitizer arent 1 piece per say....but are put together as one piece.

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    thanks for the quick response guys, i've attached a few pictures if that helps. i think i've got my answer though

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    You got your need a new glass/digi. And dont break the LCD when you take the screen assembly apart, it is about as strong as a saltine cracker.

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    hey guys i live in kansas city, mo, cracked my screen and found this place in kansas city, ks. Mission repair, they fixed my screen and digitizer in 2 hours. perfect work and only 115.00. google mission repair.

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    ^ is good for who just wants a fix, but for people who want to save DIY can be good.

    though when replacing my digitizer, getting the original one off wasn't just as easy as pulling it off.

    I used a blow dryer to loosen the adhesive strips that you need to replace like cpjr said.

    took me maybe 15 minutes to get the digitizer off, the adhesive seems to be very strong
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