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Thread: Another DEAD STRIP VICTIM..HELP!!!

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    Default Another DEAD STRIP VICTIM..HELP!!!
    hello all good people of modmyi.

    just want to say thanks for all the help this site has given me since i bought my 2g iphone back in sept 2007.

    well, i was just another victim of the infamous "DEAD STRIP". its the bottom half inch of my screen. i can still unlock, open up my dock icons but when i try to type anything in portrait mode, i can't use the spacebar, return, .?123. i cant write emails or sms unless i type words without spaces which is really annoying. when i try to multiple delete in the mail app, i can't click on the delete button at the bottom left. its just when i use certain apps, the bottom 1/2 inch won't work.

    looks like a sign that it will ultimately disable the bottom 1/2 inch permanently on whatever screen i am at.

    so i read that if you go to an apple store and tell them your screen is not responding, they'll replace it after testing out the problem.

    here's my situation.

    i'm on att, working valid # since 2002 (when they were still cingular)
    my 2g 4gb iphone is jailbroken but NOT UNLOCKED.
    i'm out of warranty

    do i need to re-virginize it or simply restore since i never unlocked it?

    since i'm out of warranty, will the apple store give me a replacement for free(i don't care if its a 2g or a 3g, as long as i have a fully funtioning iphone)? (i've read this occured for some lucky people)

    should i call the apple store before visiting them? or just walk into one? the nearest one to me is in pleasanton, california. anyone had luck in this store with this same problem?

    please oh please HELP!!!!
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    1. since you never unlocked it, a restore will do the trick.
    2. out of warranty, Its still worth a try maybe sweet talk them
    3. just walk into one
    I've never been to that store
    If all else fails, contact cprj or one1 here @ MMi and see what they can do for you. Good luck

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    If its out of warranty chances are very slim that they will replace it. But you can always give it a shot.

    Otherwise, if you wanna fix have to replace the entire screen assembly (the digitizer isnt seperated) and the part is gonna run you around $150.

    My advice, especially since its a 4gigger, if Apple wont...then I would dump it on ebay and buy another.

    And IF Apple will only do an "out of warranty" exchange, its gonna cost you $200. Which is NOT worth it.
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    thanks for the advice.

    i restored it. and the bottom strip is kinda working now. i have to press the spacebar twice before it will recognize an input. i still can't press the multiple delete in the mail app. hopefully it doesnt get any worse.

    since a rumored new iphone is coming out in the summer, i have some options to think about (keep my 4gigger or save some money for the 2009 iphone.)

    but in the meantime, if i'm in the mall, i'll stop by the apple store just to see what they'll say.
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    well i knew that the deadstrip would come back. and just 1 month since i posted my initial deadstrip and lucky fix via restore, it totally came back. restored the sucker several time with no avail.

    reserved a genius bar at my local apple shop. of course i went there with a restored iphone. told him my situation (deadstrip at bottom, out of warranty, 2g iphone). he tested my phone to see if the bottom was not respoding, he plugged it to his "GENIUS APPLE NOTEBOOK" and saw that i last restored the morning of. he told me that i am lucked out since i've had the the phone for a year and that i didnt purchase the apple care. he can order me a new 2g for $199!! and he said that existing att customer can upgrade to the 3g for the same price.

    well it looks like i'll have to dump my iphone on eBay and get a 3g. the good thing is that the refurb 3g 8 gigger is still up at $99!!! and the way things are going, it looks like apple is leaving a lot of the cool stuff in the upcoming 3.0 firmware to the 3g version only (no mms on 2g).

    bad news..probably a new iPhone will come out in 3 months.
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