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Thread: Activation and Jailbreak...

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    Default Activation and Jailbreak...
    Right guys...trying to work out which to use Liberty or Ziphone at momement, all I want to do is Jailbreak it, as I will be activating in itunes as i will be with O2.

    However, once i activate it with itunes to get my new phone number and line rental package I need to then restore it again to 1.1.4 and jailbreak?

    If I do need to restore will that unactivate my phone or will i need to do that with the liberty/ziphone again?

    Ps, Don't want to unlock it.

    Just trying understand what happens when a restore is done, can you activate with itunes as many times as you like or is just the once to get phone number?

    Please shed some light guys...get my phone tmw, so wanna get it clear in my head the order of what to do...I've followed all tuts, just wanna clear these questions up....thanks.

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    Lets start off between your choice between liberty and ziphone. Liberty is meant for Mac and ZiPhone is meant for windows. So that choice is easily made for you depending on the system you are using. If you are using both, it doesn't really matter which one you are using if you are only jailbreaking.

    I hope you realize that iPhone data packages are pretty expensive. If you get a sim activated with the plan you wanted you can have the iPhone jailbroken, activated and unlocked in one shot. But if you are planning on getting an iPhone plan, then I recommend you activate your iPhone via iTunes first and then unlock.

    One thing you need to know that once you jailbreak and you want to upgrade you will have to restore each and everytime. You can restore an unlimited number of times since once you get an iPhone data package it will always be in their system. Plus for any type of warrenty service you will need a legitamate activation via iTunes.

    A restore basically restores your iPhone to the original version it was using. It is used when you have corrupted the iPhone. And it is highly unlikely that you will ever need it to do it.

    I hope this was helpful!

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    Thanks for such a quick reply mate, didn't think anyone would be up at this time, I was just bored at work, lol!

    Yeah, i will be going with o2 (UK provider) for 18months, but deals fairly good, only 35/month with 600txt and 500mins and Unlimited data so not too i gotta activate with them through itunes first anyway, just wasn't sure if once I restored (in order to JB) it would wipe that activation and put me back to square one, so thats good news that I won't need to do that.

    Just heard a few bad story's about ziphone but realiseing thats due to actually "unlocking and bootloader mess ups) so Jailbreaking shouldn't damage anything hopfully.

    iliberty+ Just relesed a windows version, but think theres more bugs in that at the mo, so may just stick with ziphone.

    thanks for input mate, much apreciated.....any other tips you'd reccomend from personal experience?

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    So, activate it once you get it via iTunes, then all you have to do is run ZiPhone. Then you will get the Installer on your phone to install whatever you like!! I suggest community sources and BSD Subsystem first, then BossTool to relocate fonts and ringtones so you can create plenty of space to install whatever you like.

    Once you activate via iTunes, you don't ever need to activate again. You don't need to do a restore, it will already be on Firmware 1.1.4, and just run ZiPhone to jailbreak it. When Firmware 2.0 comes out in June (or any updates for that matter), you will have to do a restore before you update the firmware. Every time you sync your phone with iTunes, it creates a backup, (do a sync right before you restore, so all is backed up) so when you do a restore, it will erase all data to put a clean firmware on there, but will then ask you if you want to copy your backup to the newly cleaned phone. Thus, you will get all settings, contacts, everything back as it was before the restore, EXCEPT jailbroken things, like 3rd party apps, Installer, etc. ALSO, before you do a restore back up your camera roll, since you will most likely lose it doing a restore - happened to me the two times I did a restore.

    This means that to simply update your phones firmware, you will have to lose all jailbroken third party apps, and have to re-install them after you do a restore, update to new firmware, then re-jailbreak. For example I have not updated to 1.1.4 because the new changes were'nt worth re-installing all my 3rd party apps. But a restore is totally safe and you DON'T need to re-activate, just choose your back-up to copy over to your phone, and all is normal!

    Enjoy your new iPhone and enjoy it jailbroken, especially, for it will change your life!!
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