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Thread: Still Have 1.0.1 Time for An Upgrade

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    Default Still Have 1.0.1 Time for An Upgrade
    Need some help over here. I want to upgrade, but Im not too familiar with everything. The only thing I have ever done is install App Tapp (jailbreak). I want to upgrade my phone to the best, most reliable firmware. Any recommendations?

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    update to 1.1.4 through iTunes, then use iLiberty (check the News section for more info on this).
    you should be fine after that.

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    Thanks man, can you tell me any tips about iLiberty? I have no idea what it is and I dont wanna kill my phone.

    Upgrading to the newest firmware via iTunes now.
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    i thought you would restore to the newest FW not update... might be wrong??

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    Am I doing this wrong? I had 1.0.1 but I am installing the 1.1.4 now I am doing this right, correct?

    Updated to 1.1.4 and now all my ringtones, apps and settings are gone. Am I essentially starting over?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksig24 View Post
    Am I doing this wrong? I had 1.0.1 but I am installing the 1.1.4 now I am doing this right, correct?

    You are doing it right - thats fine.

    Once the update is complete you should then do a Restore to 1.1.4 to start fresh on the firmware.

    Once you have done that iTunes will prompt you a question - do you want to back up the iphone with the previous backup, here you need to be sure to select NO.

    If you select yes you will get all sorts of junk from your previous firmware that will clog it up and can cause troubles. Once youve selected no you can simply resync etc and everything is fine.

    Then use iLiberty to unlock etc.

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    Ok great. My iTunes didnt ask me if I wanted to back anything up. I am going to get iLiberty now then I may need some help getting my phone to where I need it to be. I still noticed that the speaker is still relatively quiet. My friends iPhone speakers are way louder than mine.

    Just downloaded iLiberty, now its asking me to jailbreak, unlock or activate. I just need to jailbreak it right? What next? There is also the payloads section which I am not too sure about. Any help?
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    iTunes will not ask you to use a back up when you update but when you restore it should do.. Did you restore before you did anything with iLiberty??? Be sure you do.

    Depends what you need to do as to what you select - if you are on AT&T then you only need to jailbreak (allow third party apps etc).. Not sure about activation though when you are on ATT.

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    I didnt restore it, I wish I had. Should I restore it and then update? Will I lose anything? Also I want to make my phone really cool, but I dont have a keen enough understanding of the apps in order to do it. Any help?

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    ksig24, this is what I would recommend:

    1) Download firmware 1.1.4 to your desktop (or wherever). Go to to find links to the firmware files.

    2) Restore your phone: When in iTunes, hold down the shift key and click restore. A dialog box will appear asking you to select which firmware you want to use. Select the file you downloaded. Bear in mind that you will lose anything on the phone that you haven't backed up in iTunes.

    3) Use iLiberty to do whatever you need. If you are an ATT customer and just want to install apps, all you need to do is hit jailbreak. If you need to unlock your phone to use with a different provider, check the Unlock and Activate buttons as well. If you want to install apps, you might as well also check the "Setup installer" box.

    4) Press the "Go for it" button! That's it! You should have your phone upgraded to 1.1.4 and ready to do whatever you want with.

    Good luck!
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    i have done all that stuff. I need to understand how to use all the different applications now.

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    I agree

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