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Thread: keep getting error 1015?

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    Default keep getting error 1015?
    When I try to recover my iPhone, I'm getting error 1015, then i click "ok" and iTunes go back to the recover site, and says that i need to recover my iPhone?
    My iPhone is in DFU mode, and i have try whit almost all firmwire versions. I have also try on differnt computers, and another cable.
    what can I do?

    [EDIT] It is because of the bootloader? or beceause it was alredy unlock? (I wnat to unlock it again because the unlock from USA didn't work in my country.
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    YES! And I have hacked iPhones many times before. And I know its normal whit the 1015 error. But it isn't normal that its goes back to the recover site again and ask me to recover.
    Can you pls help me?
    I have also try iBrickr, but now is the iPhone begin to freeze under the "waiting for the iPhone" step?
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    okay, what you need to do is restart the phone in DFU by holding both the power button and home button until the phone turns off, quickly press the power button while you still hold the home button. Download ziphone 2.4 or 2.6 and select advanced options. Click boot iPhone in normal mode. That should fix it. I had this problem a while ago too and I just needed to put it in DFU and kick it out with ziphone

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    if ur restoring to an older fw it will keep giving that because ur running an old fw with newer modem bb
    DFU Restore Mode:

    1. Power phone OFF. 2. Hold power + home for 10 seconds. 3. Let go of power and continue to hold home until iTunes finds the phone.

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    I have allredy tryed ziphone in DFU mode, and that didn't work.
    And if I try go in normal mode, the iPhone say:"insert an unlcoked an valid sim to activate the iPhone". After that I click on "DFU Mode", and ziphone tell me to recover the phone in iTunes. But i cant, because i get error 1015 again, and it ask me to recover again?
    But do you mean i have to get the iPhone in normal mode, ignore ziphone whit the "recover message", and just click Do it all?

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    I'm not even going to reply....
    For everytime I had a penny when I said "Use the goddamned search button instead of opening a new thread", I would've made Bill Gates my maid.

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    It seems to work now. Thank you all for your help.

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    Its taking a while for the ziphone to long does it take to fix it usually? help guys

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