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Thread: Please Please Help !!!!

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    Default Please Please Help !!!!
    I have a hacked iphone on version 1.0.2. It was hacked by someone else so all I know was there was an installer app on it. I really wanted to update the phone as there loads of bugs with it. I joined here and downloaded iLibertyX. It was working fine until my friend knocked the iphone out of the cradle mid software. I put it back in asap, whilst there was txt running up the screen and it said "extracting Jailbreak" on my imac.
    After an hour it was the still the same and I forced quit everything. Now the imac is not recognizing the iphone and when I restart the phone i get the same txt running up and down the screen for a few minutes and the page is full of the same lines
    " BSD root : md0, major2, minor 0"
    is there any software for mac that will get me back to where i was !!!
    Any help would be really appreciated.


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    oooo same code whent on my screen 3 days ago heres what you have to do
    1: connect the phone to the computer
    2: turn it on
    3: hold the top and bottom(home button) for around 7 sec's
    4: when the screen goes off wait around 2 secs then let go off the top button but still hold
    down the home button
    5: after around 10 secounds the computer should reconise it and say that it needs to be restored
    6:click restore w8 4 it to download(if you havnt alredy downloaded it)
    7: the computer screen will say "welcome to your new phone" and atnt logo and stuff
    8: close itunes and start ilibetryx
    9: click ACTIVATE, UNLOCK AND JAILBREAK then click "do it" or whatever it says
    10: kick your idiot friend 4 me
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    Default My Thanks !!!
    You Are Amazing Man!! Thanks So Much !! And Believe Me I Will Kick My Friend In The Head For Ya!



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    lmao, kick him in the head

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