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Thread: Need help..... dont wanna mess up

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    Default Need help..... dont wanna mess up
    Hi everyone,

    I'm running 1.1.4 on my iPhone, not unlocked it or jailbroken it, not done anything with it. Now I wanna jail break it to add 3rd party apps on to it, but not unlock it.

    Here's my question, how do I do this as I have read many different things and dont want to mess up my iPhone. Also is there anyway of keeping all my text messages on it while doing this? Oh and downloaded ZiPhone, but when it extracts it says it cant find the files and nothing happens, re-downloaded it as well. lol

    So yer any help would be great thanks

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    Hey man,
    I'm in exactly the same boat...well, not even got my iphone yet, pick it up on saturday!

    I don't want to unlock it either, simply want to jailbreak to install apps, will be using ziphone 2.5 or if it changes by saturday...that version.

    However I'm concerned about when i want to change the firmware to keep up, like if Apple add sumthing new....will i loose all photos/msgs/downloaded apps when I change firmware as I pressume we have to restore fully each time and then jailbreak it this correct?? it necessary to place iphone in recovery mode when attempting to jailbreak it, or does it do that automatically for you, only i've read and seen conflicting things.

    Hope some one can help a few newbie out....I'm gonna be around for a fair time now, just can't wait to get my phone!


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    Yer thats the thing, i've read different things which doesnt help lol

    Well I dont wanna loose all my txt's on the phone, got everything else backed up, but you cant restore messages to the iPhone can you?!

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    Bump...Any help out there on both of our questions guys?


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    I would back up all your photos and contacts with iTunes or outlook and use ziphone 2.5 or independence (latest version) I dont think you'll loose your texts unless you have to restore but just incase write down what's important or take a picture of them and u can upload it to your phone haha

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    Cool thanks for that, thought that may be the it nessecary do you know to actually "restore" to a new firmware or simply upgrade...i rememeber seeing somewhere saying it may cause problems just upgrading, is this true?

    Trouble is reading through all this emense mass knowledge and info I forget where I've read it,lol!

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Yer do you have to do a restore? Can I JailBreak with out restoring so that my 1.1.4 is running the same with everything on there?

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