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Thread: Going from Jailbroken iphone 5 to new Iphone 6 and jailbreaking.. Tips?

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    Default Going from Jailbroken iphone 5 to new Iphone 6 and jailbreaking.. Tips?
    I have a jailbroken iphone 5 on ios 6.1.2. that I'm about to be done using. I have many JB apps, etc, with data in them. Music, recordings, etc from the JB apps.

    I just got a new iphone 6, which is on 8.0.2 out of the box... I want to know the easier way to get back setup on my Iphone 6 with all the stuff I have on my iphone 5?

    I know I can backup the iphone 5 in itunes and restore it to the iphone 6. Do I leave Cydia, etc. on it before I do this? I don't want to lose all the data in the cydia apps. Will they all come back with the restore? I have many other JB apps with info in them. Just haven't had to go from one JB device to a new device and don't want to loose app data from JB apps. Any help would be great.

    And if you says I should remove cydia first, do all the apps delete themselves off my device and the data? I need that data so they come back with the restore. Thanks, just dont' want to mess it up.

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    FYI, If you restore from the backup of the jailbroken 5, you may have issues with your new 6.
    All jailbroken data will not carry over from your backup. So you will be starting from scratch when you jailbreak the 6.
    Only data that will carry over is what has been backed up in iTunes. (no tweaks or apps from Cydia will restore)
    Write everything down or take screen shots of the tweaks and apps you have installed on the 5 so you can install them on the 6.
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    Ok, but won't I have a ton of data the from the backup that can't be accessed and wasting space? For ex, one cydia music app I have, had gigs in it. If I backup to itunes, it's going to backup those gigs of data from the jailbroken app, then I won't be able to access that data on the new phone?

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    I'm NOW ready to do this, BUT the iphone 6 has 8.0.2. If I update it, it's going to want to put 8.4.1 on it, which isn't jailborken yet. Is there a way I can download 8.4.0 and force it to use that firmware so I don't have to wait until a JB is out for 8.4.1???

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    nope, can't be done, sorry

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