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Thread: Please help me jailbreak my phone... i'll pay $$

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    Default Please help me jailbreak my phone... i'll pay $$
    Ok, i've written in this forum about 6 times trying to figure out how to correctly jailbreak my iphone. I am on a MAC and I have an iphone with 1.1.4 firmware.

    I would gladly paypal someone some money if they can tell me what program to use and the exact steps to successfully jailbreak the phone.

    I've been jailbreaking it with ziphone, and everything finishes successfully, but 90% of the apps that I try and download from installer give me an error that says that the app is only compatible with 1.1.3 software. I tried to find out how to solve that and someone on this forum told me to download a certain patch in the installer.... so i did. Still didn't work. Most importantly, i want to be able to use the themes app to customize my phone's background and icons, and i cant install it. I would just like everything to work.

    If someone has AIM, I can talk to you on there. Also, if soomeone could private message me, i can give my email address..

    Again, I would really really really appreciate someone helping me out with this. I can paypal someone some money if everything works out.

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    im pretty sure u can just downgrade to 1.1.3 and ziphone it and it should work.

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    Default How?
    could you please explain how to do that for me?

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    Check Here or Here.

    Stay at 1.1.4 and learn how to ssh


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    it says how to get inside the iPhone but how to you downgrade the firmware on the iPhone.

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    You're better off learning about "getting inside the phone". Learning just a little bit about file permissions and symlinks you can make amazing things happen.

    You may want to search around for the solutions to the problems on a program by program basis. Most simple programs work great, it's just a few of the more complicated apps that have issues.

    Good luck, have fun.

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