I am desperatly hoping someone could help! When upgrading to IOS 7 (.02, I think) my Iphone 4 got stuck in a restore loop, only giving me the option to restore back to Factory Settings, which I really don't want to do. As my home button is hardly working, I read about my options a bit and have already tried Tinyumbrella, Rei Boot, even Redsn0w and nothing...

I am not looking to preserve baseband or any of that more advanced stuff - my phone is not Jailbroken thus my only real concern is not loosing all my pictures, videos and recordings (I am a singer/songwriter and this is a LOT of important stuff in there...).

The PC I last back up my phone is history and I hadn't backed up on ICloud in ages, so my only true hope is that someone can help me find/walk me through a program that can pull it out of recovery loop and restart!

I will be forever grateful! Many thanks!

Help Please!!!