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Thread: iPhone 5C Pangu JB help and info

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    Default iPhone 5C Pangu JB help and info
    So I got all excited to see there JB since I am still on 7.0.4 with the ssl patch. The phone is locked is TMO and I do not need an unlock.

    I found the website Pangu Jailbreak Tool( and I have a few questions.

    1.) Should I update my device via iTunes. to 7.1.1? I have NEVER updated via iTunes on any of my older devices because I always needed a JB and unlock. Now I just need JB so I am just checking.

    2.) Once I start the JB is it hard or is it live Evasi0n? I can't find any instructions. Also, I see there is English support but I did see something about being careful not to install something so what should I be looking for?

    3.)Of course I will back up my device but since I am updating the IOS I cannot restore my backup, right? or can I? I usually start from scratch, Is that advised?

    4.) It does work for the 5C? And any links for any known issues. I use window 7.

    Thanks for the assistance.
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    1.Not update, but restore and only to 7.1.2

    The rest of your questions are answered in the tutorial

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    Thanks for the tutorial. I am dense with the restore/update. When I connect to iTunes do I update it from there or do I download 7.1.2 and do shift + restore.

    Then I can follow those directions.

    I didn't see anything about restoring from backups - so I guess I start from scratch which is OK.

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    Default Can't restore to 7.1.2
    I want to update to 7.1.2 and JB with Pangu so I downloaded the 7.1.2 IPSW. I put the phone, an iPhone 5C, in DFU mode and I got an error 3194.

    I downloaded the correct IPSW - because my phone is currently jailbroken do I need to go into pawned DFU?

    I tried adding the to my hosts file and then I got an error 3004.

    Also, I am trying to go from 7.0.4 to 7.1.2

    Could that be the issue?
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    no, no, delete all Apple lines from host file, save, restart your PC and than SHIFT + RESTORE.
    There is no pawned DFU for 5c. By following usual procedure for DFU, you will get recovery mode only, but that is OK, so you can continue with restore.
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    Thanks. I still kept getting a bunch of errors so I downloaded 7.1.2 from iTunes, restarted my computer, disabled firewall and restored and I finally got it! Thanks.

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