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Thread: iPhone 4 running ios 6.... is it possible to upgrade to 7.0.6???

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    Default iPhone 4 running ios 6.... is it possible to upgrade to 7.0.6???
    I have an iPhone 4 that is running ios 6.. I want to upgrade it to ios 7.0.6.. So that I can jailbreak it with Evasi0n... is this possible? Or, is it just a bad idea?

    Comments, suggestions please.


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    You can upgrade it if and only if you have your SHSH blobs saved for iOS 7.0.6. No blobs, no dice.

    The security upgrades provided by iOS 7.0.6 over iOS 6 are major and very necessary, and for this reason alone I'd suggest upgrading if possible. If you are unable to upgrade to iOS 7.0.6, I'd advise you install rpetrich's SSLFix package on Cydia to mostly plug the hole iOS 7.0.6 fixes.

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    Is it possible to find and install the ios 7.0.6 IPSW???

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    Ya need to see if you have the shsh blobs like orby said.

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    To upgrade to 7.0.6 with SHSH Are you sure it can be done??? And what tool should be used ????

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    It "can" be done, if there is such a tool that exist to allow A4 devices to restore back to iOS 7.x.x. However, there is no public release of one, but just because there hasn't been a release does not imply that one does not exist.

    Therefore, currently, there is no way to upgrade/downgrade to iOS 7.0.x for A4 devices, but I, for one, will still save SHSH blobs for iOS 7 in case, because in the future, someone may releases a tool allowing A4 devices the capability to downgrade to iOS 7.0.x.

    It's better to be safe then sorry

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    yes, exactly my thoughts. I have all 7.x.x SHSH blobs saved, for the future use
    It just might be possible one day.

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    Historically, ifaith and/or redsn0w was the go to tool for downgrading/upgrading to a specific ipsw, other than the official one. Using saved blobs and the corresponding ipsw one was able to "stitch" a custom ipsw which could then be installed on the iDevice.

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