Well I have been trying for over ten man hours to fix the bootloop. This is what I would call a last resort, but it seemed to have worked. I was getting error 2005, error 3194, error 3004, and some others. Getting errors 3194 and 3004 is a nice brick wall on its own. Finally I decided I would take a magnet to my phone so I could have apple restore it without seeing it was jailbroken. Well, I took the magnet to it when it was dead, and when I plugged it in to see if it would still turn on, it went right into recovery mode, and NOT the bootloop. So apparently, if you are in a Bootloop (with the new 5s this isn't an unlikely problem, with trying to use old packages that aren't compatible) you can take a refrigerator magnet to the phone and it'll restore. I'm not sure if this is a solution I should pass on or what the deal is.

TL;DR; Bootloop with errors 3004, 3194, 2005, unable to restore/downgrade, no current solutions worked for me, tried for ten hours, took a fridge magnet to it and was finally able to restore.